Work/case studies

UX design is a pretty broad field and its spectrum ranges from all the research tools to business strategy, prototypes and final pixel-perfect designs. I’ve done most of it, but still, there’s so much more to explore!
To showcase my work, I picked out four projects to display both my approach and course of action.
If you’d have any questions, I would love to answer them in person.

1. UX research / software adaption / UI design

Positioning, business strategy, new target group, tools
I adapted a Russian medical software for a completely new market segment, developed application concepts, evaluation tools & data bases, and trainings / marketing / tools.

2. UX consulting: product, pitch & pricing

Positioning, product development/USPs, website, eMagazines, tools
For a very competitive market (operational health management), I developed a business & product strategy and a magazine series for a sustainable marketing approach.

3. UX/Instructional design: certified e-Learning platform

Concept, structure, course content, §20 certification, affiliate system
With my concept and content, I managed to get the „gold standard“ for German prevention courses, the §20 certification. I included UX research, neuroscience, lots of tools and fun.

4. All UX/UI: health management app/ platform

A-Z: concept, business strategy, all UX research, prototypes, UI
For this passion project, I combined some of my favorite topics: in-depth UX/UI design, motivation, and data vizualisation. habbbit invites users to document and compare happy healthy habits.