Hi, I’m Katrin

Brand experience/UX lead designer with 25+ years of designing human-centric, scientific-based products & services that work and delight

Specialised in …

building all stages of products and services, with 25+ years of freelancing experience. I am skilled in bringing together strategic brand/business goals and a scientifically backed user experience to helping create a customer-centric organization, delivering at every touchpoint.

UX has the potential to make the world a better place – at least on a small scale. Heroes don’t always wear capes – let’s join forces.

Looking for …

a company that sees next-level customer experience not as a service department or an add-on to existing products, but the chance to build an entire organization around delivering an amazing and valuable experience – for everybody involved.

With my background as a coach and trainer, I’m also looking forward to helping my team members grow and shine while we are building amazing products and services.


Work experience

I worked for private persons and international projects in a huge variety of jobs, creating products and services literally from A-Z (from research and business strategy to idea to prototype to complete product and consumer life cycles).

Top topics: brand experience strategy/design, user experience design, customer experience management, instructional design/e-learning, digital transformation, innovation, employer branding, operational health care, epigenetics, prevention/stress reduction, affiliate systems, §20 certifications

See my CV for more details about education and experience

Brand Experience Design

If customers have to decide between two similar products, they will always choose the one that promises the better experience. That means that brands that are strategically creating better experiences will always win. All things brand consulting/design are NDA restricted by default, so I can’t showcase real-life projects. Therefore, I created an online magazine to describe my 5 steps/ways to evolve from a customer-oriented company to an experience-centered organization, that delivers great brand experience at every touchpoint – by design.

Work / case studies

UX/CX Design is the „toolbox“ and baseline for Brand Experience Design. I chose four projects that show how I developed experience-centered projects aligned with the brand strategy and the business goals.

1. Brand/Business strategy, UX tests, software adaption

Positioning, business strategy, new target group, tools
I adapted a Russian medical software for a completely new market segment, developed application concepts, evaluation tools & data bases, and created marketing tools & trainings.

2. UX research & consulting: product, pitch & pricing

Brand strategy, USPs, product development, marketing tools
For a competitive market (operational health management), I developed a business & product strategy, magazines and explainer videos for a sustainable marketing approach.

3. Business concept, UX/Instructional design: certified e-Learning platform

Information architecture, UX research, course content, §20 certification, guidance system, affiliate partner data base
With my branded concept and content, I got the „gold standard“ for German prevention courses, the §20 certification. I included UX research, neuroscience, lots of tools and fun.

4. All UX/UI: health management app/ platform

UX research, concept, business strategy, user tests, user flows, gamification, low, mid and high-fidelity prototypes, UI Design
Since lots of my projects are NDA restricted, I used this passion project to display a large number of UX tools. Another focus was on motivation/gamification and data visualization for an app that collects and compares health related data.

Lets talk!

UX Design is all about solving problems. Let me know how I can help you or your brand with yours.